SBA 2021

The Swampborn Assassins

The Swamp Born Assassins first got together in Glasgow Scotland early 2015. Originally just a three piece we started jamming out a few ideas with the hope of creating a new all original heavy rock blues sound.

Original founding members Charlie Moffat (Li’l Charlie) Vocals and harmonica, Stevie Craven drums and Davie Nimmo (The Rev) on guitar ended up writing songs they felt were too good just to be left raw the way they had recorded them. The next step was to enlist the help of friend’s Alf Vesterelv and Tommy Granli from Norwegian band The Maudlin Hounds. Alf and Tommy had a listen, took the songs, added more guitars, bassand keyboards before remixing and mastering them. Before we knew it we had enough material for our first album Smell The Mud.

Other musicians on the album include Swedish guitar legend Linkan Andersson (Acid For Blood) Bass legend Chris Glen (SAHB & MSG) both play on the track Never Ever Never and Naomi Kemmitt sings on Clara Bell Lee.

Smell The Mud was well received and those tracks are still requested regularly and will always have a place in our live sets.

In June 2019 it was time to release our second album Dead Man’s Train. By this time the lineup was very different. Due to illness David Nimmo would no longer feature in the live lineup though it was always hoped he would be well enough for a return. Now joining Charlie and Stevie were Andy(Paws) Christie on guitar, Allen Bell on Bass, Jamie Moffat on guitar and Kirsty Moffat on Backing vocals. Shortly after the release of Dead Man’s Train Jamie announced he would be departing due to pursuing other projects. Jamie’s replacement Craig Buchanan made his debut on the main stage Sheffield o2 for HRH Crows. Craig has undoubtedly brought something a little different to the band and new material for a third recording is already in the pipeline. At the end of what had been a fantastic year for the band Stevie Craven announced he too would be departing. Very quickly we found a replacement in Todd Macleod of Jimi Anderson Group. Todd has slotted in very nicely and yet another version of The Swamp Born Assassins will be unleashed in 2020.

Well sadly due to the Coronavirus pandemic 2020 was set to be lacking in gigs but that did not stop us signing up yet another member. David Cowan keyboard player with Sensational Alex Harvey Band Experience and previously of Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dog’s completed the Swamp Born Assassins line up. Due to the pandemic no formal audition took place so therefore his addition was kept quiet until studios reopened some 5 months later. After just one rehearsal everyone felt very comfortable and played well together, an updated band photo was taken and the news broke of the new lineup. The return to live gigs and a new solo project has meant that David is now unable to fulfil a position within the Swamp Born Assassins, so for now it is back to six.

The Swamp’s signature sound is a bold mixture of traditional hard rock with bluesy undertones and a healthy dose of metal.

See us live and you will see just how loud, energetic and theatrical we can be.

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