Invite You to Smell The Mud!

Carnivora Records announce debut album, ‘Smell The Mud’, and album launch show from Scotland’s finest, The Swamp Born Assassins.

Born and raised 18 months ago in the swamps of the Bearsden Reservoir on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland, The Swamp Born Assassins are just as deadly as their name suggests. Coming to life as the trio of Charlie Moffat (vocals/harmonica), David Nimmo (guitars) and Steven Craven (drums), the band quickly realised that if they truly wanted to ‘Smell The Mud’, then the mystical talents of a bassist and lead guitarist were required. Jamming in the heart of the swamp with intentions of recording a three track EP, the band’s drummer, Steven Craven, got in touch with his great friend from northern Norway, Alf Vesterlev of The Maudlin Hounds and Lightning Gusto, simply to gauge his thoughts on what they’d created. Always a man of action, Alf immediately offered his services to elevate an already captivating set of songs to the next level; proclaiming “You need bass and lead guitars….can I help out?”.

With the core trio all too willing to welcome this underrated talent on board, Tommy Granli also of The Maudlin Hounds and Dimention Act began to lend his skills on bass. It’s little surprise that the EP quickly became a full blown debut album. Pulling in some favours from friends, TSBA asked Sweden’s Linkan Andersson, best known for his work with Acid For Blood, Livin Parazite,Paul Sabu and Tony Mills of Shy, to play lead guitar on “Never Ever Never”, along with Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Michael Schenker Group bassist Chris Glen, who also added his legendary talents to the song. With Winterstrain keyboard man Karl Birkely providing a sensational intro to the title track, and Alf Vesterlev additional guitars, backing vocals and keyboards, the depth and scope of what ‘Smell The Mud’ offers up is beyond question. However, rest assured that the vital touch of experience these rock veterans provide to the band’s accomplished core trio, is matched by a set of songs rich with authentic, hard rocking goodness. Traditional, yet contemporary, loose but tight as hell and defying genre boundaries at ever turn, when The Swamp Born Assassins invite you to ‘Smell The Mud’, you know the aroma is going to be thick with killer grooves, gargantuan riffs and authentic vocals. The album can be bought on our website at


Vocals - Charlie Moffat

Vocals – Charlie Moffat

Vocals - Kirsty Moffat

Vocals – Kirsty Moffat

Drums/Vocals - Steven Craven

Drums/Vocals – Steven Craven

Bass/Vocals - Allen Bell

Bass/Vocals – Allen Bell

Lead Guitar - Andy Christie

Lead Guitar – Andy Christie

Rhythm Guitar - Jamie Moffat

Rhythm Guitar – Jamie Moffat