Gig Review From Mitch “The Professor”.

You have all come to know our dear friend “Mitch “The Professor” who flew over from Belgium in August for our gig after giving the album a superb review. You may also remember he sang on stage with us! A super high pitched “Hells Bells” ACDC cover .Well he did it again. Mitch and his good friend Luc flew over for the Kentucky Headhunters gig. We had a brilliant time as Mitch has become a great friend. And he also did a gig review which we are now sharing with you. Thanks Mitch !
THE SWAMP BORN ASSASSINS – O2 ABC – Glasgow, Scotland – 10/10/17
Set List:
01.Assassins (Marillion Intro)
02.Out In The Rain.
03.Never Ever Never.
05.Smell The Mud.
06.Dead Man Walking.
07.Clara Belle Lee.
08.Walk Tall.
09.The Gator Hole.
What can motivate someone normal to get up at 6 am when nothing compels him? There’s no integral tv broadcast from a stage of the Tour de France, nor the NBA finals, Led Zeppelin did not reformed and it is not yet the moment that the postman to rings twice. So what?
Simply a concert of The Swamp Born Assassins in Glasgow tonight. They open for the English band Bad Touch and the American Band The Kentucky Headhunters who finish their European tour tonight in Glasgow.
There is a train , busses and tube strike in Belgium so you have to take the road early enough to avoid traffic jams. Arrival without any issues at Brussels South airport, two hours before take-off. To sleep a little will be good. Landing at 11:15 in Glasgow, just the time for me to reach the hotel and eat some good food in the vicinity of the concert hall and by now it is already 15:00. A short rest in my hotel room and at 17.30 I meet the Assassins at the venue. They are a little bit nervous because tonight’s gig is very important for them. It is not every day that they have the opportunity play in such a great venue.
19.15 the DJ sends “Assassing” ( The Marillion single ) intro of the SBA’s concert. There are a lot of people coming to support them tonight, and the most popular T-shirts to see are the SBA ones. The band has a non stop growing bunch of followers and they deserve it.
We get “Out in the Rain” as a cannonball in the head, “Boom,” you’re already dead before you understand what’s happening to you, shot by the SBA sniper.
We go straight on into “Never Ever Never”, the group is very welded, it is compact and they feel very comfortable with the songs to play, more than during their previous concert at the Audio Club. We feel that there has been work, a lot of work done . Everyone has taken into account the remarks and advice from a certain “Professor” made after the August show and the difference is phenomenal.
I am glad to meet my friend David the MotöRev (Halford), the axeman who started the band and attend the concert tonight. He underwent a heavy surgical procedure which kept him away from the podiums but he is now ready to join his troops very soon.
“Crawl” and “Smell the Mud” continue the work of Rock ‘n’ Roll seduction with the Bayou sauce in which SBA is a master of the genre.
And then here is the rock anthem which is one of the great songs of the history of International Rock. From the first chords one dives into the glaucous universe of the marshes of Louisiana, we witness the meeting between the Stooges and Led Zeppelin. The voice and the harmonica of the frontman Charlie Moffat with the black glasses kill you. One gets the impression that every time he starts a verse or a chorus, it is as if he pronounced a sentence of death, one expects to see the door of the room open to let come in the assassin which adorns the superb new band tee-shirts. The bass & drum rhythm section made of the Bell / Craven duo runs at full speed, it’s clear, powerful and sharp. Bell / Craven, it sounds like the name of a winning pair at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on a Ford GT 40 or a Porsche 917K. But tonight, it is the grand-prix of the crowd that they win.
New song that is played for the first time in public, the disturbing “Clara Belle Lee” that feels both voodoo and the undead.
The atmosphere is still rising up with “Walk Tall”, it is another killer of the group. The backing vocals lead by “Elmer” Craven are perfectly sharp. There has been a lot of work accomplished on that level as well.
We have already arrived at the 45 minutes given to the “Assassins” to prove themselves, but they did not need it anymore, from the first song, we understood that the quality of their playing and writing were present among our Scots and it is not “The Gator Hole” that will demonstrate the opposite. It was a great concert!
Swamp Born Assassins is the intelligent and perfect wedding between two generations of talented musicians for whom the only goal is the group as an ensemble and not their own ego, SBA is a band which we will hear about very soon and in any case if you have the opportunity, go see them in concert, you will be seduced.
Steven, Charlie, Rev, Allen, Jimmy, Andy, Kirsty congratulations! See ya soon yin!
Mitch “ZoSo” Duterck

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