The Kelly Turner Fundraising Event 20/10/17

21273510_1411342148987111_8472696650777786478_o We so wanted to play this charity event but the way it panned out it was booked the same day as our guitarists wedding so sadly we can’t play. But that docent mean we don’t care about this event. If you can help out by being there PLEASE support this magnificent event. If you can’t, you can still buy a ticket or even raffle tickets from Catherine. We should always do everything we can to help people live who want to live.

Please…have a read below.

A few words from our promoter Catherine Campbell.

In October 2015 Kelly was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive teenage cancer (DSRCT) – Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumours. It is so rare it only affects around 20 or so teenagers worldwide annually. She has now had 27 rounds of chemotherapy at The Royal Marsden Hospital. In October 2015, Kelly was given just 2 years to live and chemo is keeping her alive.

Uk hospitals refused to operate so Kelly’s only chance for life is to undergo surgery, immunotherapy and radiotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering CC Hospital in New York USA with an estimated cost of aprox £1 million.

When I returned from visiting the Turners in April 2017, I swore to myself that I would do anything I could to help them fundraise. And so, the idea of The Kelly Turner Live Music Fundraising Event was born. We hope to raise as much as possible on the night of Friday 20th October through ticket sales, raffles and the ‘Bid For A Date With CJ’. Everyone involved is volunteering. If we can help save this precious life of 17 year old Kelly Patricia Turner who loves minions, music, the colour teal and whose dream is to visit Scotland then everything will be worthwhile…………

Or simply make a donation on the link below.

Kelly Turner Fundraising – 1 Million Pounds to Save Kelly Turner’s Life

Thank you.

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