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Just weeks before the release of our debut album “Smell The Mud” and we’re already receiving some fantastic feedback. Below you’ll find the latest review by Campbell Stewart from My Rock Radio. Thanks to him for the kind words.

There’s something deeply satisfying about watching a project take wings, from an initial idea to something completely unexpected and this mindblowingly good. This is the story of the debut album by the Glasgow based Swamp Born Assassins. Originally just a trio of guys with the genesis of an idea to crank out some heavy blues riffs, infuse them with the essence of the Mississippi delta (hence the album title – Smell The Mud), and to see where it took them. I don’t think they expected the journey to turn out quite as it has done though! Starting out as just the three piece, the riffs and songs were outstanding right from the start, but there was always the thought that something else could be added to them. A little flourish and polish here and there perhaps. Little did they know just what was about to happen. The band brought in friends from Scandinavia, Linkan Anderson and Alf Vesterley on guitar, and Tommy Granli on bass, with a special guest appearance by the legendary Chris Glen on one song as well. That anticipated flourish and polish became some of the best slide and lead guitar this side of the great divide, guaranteed to give any blues fan goosebumps.

As for the songs themselves, quite simply there isn’t a weak one on the album. It is all top notch, heavily distorted, riff driven blues rock, with that hint of the Mississippi mud oozing through it’s grooves. Every one of the musicians is on top form, and with Charlie Moffat’s virtuoso harmonica as the icing on the (mud) cake, it is a treat to these old ears. Both musically and lyrically there is a dark gothic edge to much of the album, particularly coming to the fore on the slow burning epic “Land of the Six Gun”, with its Native American chant intro, the wonderfully deep southern blues of the title track, and especially the spookily atmospheric album closer “Clara Belle Lee”. A track that is near ten minutes long and set to a slow blues shuffle, and could be the distant musical echo of an old Du Maurier / Hitchcock movie…. Of course there are more straightforward rockers on the album too, with the likes of ‘Never Ever Never’ and ‘The Gator Hole’ guaranteed to be live favourites. Speaking of live, the band have their official debut gig and album launch at Audio in Glasgow on December 3rd. The guys are on first, and it is pretty much sold out….

Overall this is a simply stunning album, so good that even the band are blown away by how it has turned out. It has been my most anticipated album this year, and without a doubt, it has lived up to that and so much more. 10/10.

Campbell Stewart from My Rock Radio

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